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Mystic River

In colored, doodles on September 20, 2014 at 7:26 pm

2013-05-13 11.08.52

White paper with black ink gel ballpoint gel and green water color. No other options, running out of water color. I accept water colors donation 😛

Your Heart is My Favorite Playground

In collaboration, colored on April 1, 2012 at 1:20 pm

“Your Heart is My Favorite Playground”
Illustration by: Sylvia Hase
Written by: Subhan Zein
The path is long and the earth is round
The dripping rain makes a perfect sound
To the magic of your love I am happily bound
And I’ve made your heart my favorite playground!


Pantun is a Malay poetic form. It is originated as a traditional oral form of expression, recited according to a fixed rhythm and as a rule of thumb, in order not to deviate from the rhythm, every line should contain between eight and 12 syllables.  Consist of four-lined verse, roughly rhyming lines. The first and second lines sometimes appear completely disconnected in meaning from the third and fourth, but there is almost invariably a link of some sort. Whether it be a mere association of ideas, or of feeling, expressed throughassonance or through the faintest nuance of a thought, it is nearly always traceable.

It’s widely popular in Indonesia. If Japanese people has Haiku,  a Japanese poetic form; Indonesia has Pantun.  If you are Russian, you will know Pantun in form of Chastuska. Chastuska is used for political satire or jokes but pantun is used to express love. By the time, pantun is used in widely theme such as joke, advice, politic and etc.


In best drawing, colored, doodles, sketch on March 10, 2012 at 5:41 pm

It is a little bit late actually, we are already in the first week of March. But tradition is always a tradition, I am not in a good condition this month. My recent drawings are not really good. First it because I am not really health at all. Though, it wasn’t too bad actually. It become so bad because my scanner is so sucks. Not only make my sketch become rough, it also not bright. When I add some contrast and bright with photoshop, the colors no longer same as the real, it isn’t soft at all and the lines looks sharp, bold and rough. Very disappointed.  Huh! Well, whatever, finally we have 2 winners this month. Both of these pictures has 12 likes from kofeart readers.


Land Without Cats: A Journey

This is fiction character about a mouse who seeks a land without cats. I do not mind to bring it too serious but the readers become so serious in a funny way. Owls, hawks, snakes…aahh, to much predators for mice 🙂  C.C.Charron, one of my favorite blogger artist, make me honored. He told me that my drawing reminds him with Mouse Guard. Whereas David Petersen drawing much more better than me..hehehehehe. You should check C.C.Charron blog to see his doodles. I have two words to describe it: unique and beautiful. I used ballpoint gel and watercolor pencils in 80 gram HVS paper to draw this mouse. Posted in 28 February, 2012.

Moty The Big Nose

Moty is drew based on real character. I drew Moty with ballpoint gel and watercolor pencils in 80 gram HVS paper. Posted in 7 February, 2012.

Bear Tea Time

In colored, doodles, sketch on March 7, 2012 at 7:52 pm

It was 7 a.m when little rabbit come to Bear house. Bear know how to treat his guest. He was entertain the little rabbit. He is pouring a cup of tea for the little rabbit. Bear treat his guest so nice. Little rabbit look so happy 🙂

PS: I drew this 30 minutes before I sleep. Really sorry if the sketch is rough…getting so sleepy while draw this 🙂

Moty The Big Nose

In colored, doodles, sketch on February 7, 2012 at 7:43 pm

Hi, this is Moty 😉

Moty has a big nose. Can you see that? It’s look like koala nose. He love to napping under the tree after lecturing. What a lazy Moty?! 😛 Sometime he forget the autumn season and this is what gonna happen to him when he wake up. Moty full of leaves. Poor Moty 😀

PS for Moty: Don’t get angry. I draw your nose really good 😛

Media: A4 HVS 100 gram, watercolor pencil and gel ballpoint

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