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In award, best drawing on May 14, 2012 at 3:36 pm

I have an acute irritation in my left eye and I can’t open it and this news is such a miracle for me….

Two months ago I was submitted a design for oxfam t-shirt design competition. The design is about oxfam GROW campaign. GROW is about the 1 bilion people who go to bed hungry each night, it’s about food: food production and distribution and food insecurity. GROW strives for equality, sustainability and a re-imagining of the food system – to one where we can grow, eat, and live in a better way.

I was feeling doubt to be a finalist in this competition since the election is based on VOTE and I am a newbie in OXFAM competition. What I try to say is that I don’t have any friends redbubble yet 😦

Don’t give up too early! The quote is really work! My design in  THE TOP TEN designs and as a runner up I got 5 DUCKS and 11 CHICKENS 😛  Two days ago, my bunch of DUCKS and CHICKEN is currently packing their suitcases and heading for the hungry people in Mozambique and Laos 🙂

and today an OXFAM card report has just arrived in my email inbox: a sweet message

  I also find a sweet picture inside, be nice with the chicken ya 😉 Hmm, I still waiting news from my other ducks and chicken..pia..pia..pia…

If you like this t-shirt, you can buy it through red bubble and customize the color, size and it’s style with 22USD.


Country House in Framed Print

In best drawing, black and white, stuff on March 28, 2012 at 6:32 pm

Hmm, this is a lovely month. I have added some cool stuff in kofeart, not only selected iPhone case, I also added Framed print that you can purchase through redbubble and artflakes. Here is the first sample of Framed Print, Country House in Framed Print

Beautiful ya ;), different from artflake, redbubble provide customer to adjust any kind of frame style, frame color and matte color for print art in framed. This sample is adjust with large print (24.0″ x 16.0″), with black frame color and bright with matte color in flat frame (30mm wide and 20mm deep).

This is just a sample, you can change the matte color, frame color and frame style. You can purchase this framed print with $167.08, if you purchase in small or medium size, it will be cheaper. Sample page for framed print will be available in framed print page in this blog.

Are you falling in love with Country House in Framed Print?


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