“The song of a Child”

In collaboration, doodles, sketch on March 2, 2012 at 9:20 am

“The song of a Child”
Illustration by: Sylvia Hase
Written by: Ellen Fredrickson
“A child doesn’t need a beat or rhythm to sing a song.
They are each born with a mystical sense of music,
and interpretation of self.”
From her mouth so innocent
comes forth a song….
A song like none other.
She lifts her head to the heavens
singing of the angles above.
She sings of the butterflies tickling her nose,
and the soft grass under her feet.
She sings tales of woodland creatures
and how she dreams to run with them.
Her voice carries with it the harmony of the winds,
and the beauty of the rainbows.
As if having wings of her own she glides
across the field of tall green grass,
and dances with her sweet melody.
Her song is carried by the wind,
in hopes of reaching a tired soul in need of strength.
Hearing the delicate song of a child,
brings great peace and serenity to all that will listen.
May her song lift your spirits
and soothe your trouble soul
This is my first post in March, and my first collaboration with Ellen Fredrickson from thewriterescapewithwords. Ellen already has her own poetry book. Her book name is  “Between the Lines:  A collection from the deepest corners of my mind”. You can buy it with 13USD from createspaces or  amazone. You can also read her lovely thoughts in thewriterescapewithwords. We hope you like our collaboration. I wish I can make a collaboration again with her. Don’t forget to leave your comments ya, we gonna love to read it 😉
  1. superb.. seem like a weddind procession between the soul of a child and the terderness of the nature.. Bring our heart to a mystical world far from the shadow of our passion about ego n success, a world where we will realize that we have lost many things in our complex life like smile, probity and being our self.. a marvelous synthesis between words and picture..

  2. Thank you for your kind words my dear. You are a wonderful friend

  3. Oh kofegeek this is a wonderful collaboration. The lovely drawing is filled with such delight. I love her!

  4. Thank you Raven :D, I will draw a parrot for you 😛

  5. Epic picture, epic poem…
    nice color, so touching…
    (Just my opinion) Muka’e cewe’e kok kaya km ya syl…

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